The engagement shoot is not just about having some great photos before the wedding. It is a real chance for the couple to experience being photographed together in a romantic way. For most this is a very private and vulnerable experience, however, most couples find that they enjoy the shoot after their initial reservations. This is also an opportunity for the photographer to learn some key aspects about the couple for example, gestures, how they interact when they are relaxed and what they like and don’t like in terms of posing and being behind the camera.

In this respect the engagement shoot acts as a dummy run for the wedding, any photos that don’t work because the poses are not suited to the couple or they feel uncomfortable can be discarded in favour of the ones which work well, giving both the photographer and the couple the best chance of getting the right photos on the day when it counts.

I have done weddings with and without engagement shoots and I can tell you from experience that the bride and grooms, who had recently had an engagement shoot were a lot more natural and less self conscious in front of the camera as they were familiar with the process and had built a rapport with me, resulting in much better photos.

I love the fact that everyone is unique it keeps my work interesting and creative. I want you to have the best photos, that are beautiful, creative, fun and gets your friends and family excited about your wedding day. I tailor all of my engagement shoots to the couple and do not have a set price as everyone has different needs and wants. Therefore please contact me and we come up with a package that suits you.