James Scott - Submitted on 27/01/15


When we saw Tom’s pictures of our wedding we were so happy with the images we expected to see; the planned & posed pics. What really blew us away, however were the pictures we had no idea he’d taken. Seeing my wife’s face as she looked at these pictures was testament to just how good Tom is. Thank you, Tom. You captured our day in ways we never expected. An amazing photographer, a fantastic guy & an absolute professional.


Nate Maingard - Submitted on 14/01/14


Tom has a wonderful eye for subtle colour, well-structured composition and intimate moments. These are some of the best photos anyone’s ever taken of me playing live, period. Thanks Tom!


Claire Carle - Submitted 17/08/14


Claire Carle (wedding planner) – 5 star Fantastic photographer. Tom was polite and had time for everyone. thank you for working with me to make the lovely couples wedding spectacular.